1. Python found with 500 ticks treated for anaemia  BBC News
  2. Carpet python riddled with ticks now has anaemia but vets hopeful of recovery  ABC News
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A carpet python saved from certain death after being rescued from a Gold Coast pool is being treated for anaemia after having more than 500 ticks removed from its body, a wildlife hospital says.

Save the date.  On Sunday, January 20, starting at 8:36PM, Birmingham will experience it's only lunar eclipse for 2019.

In a somewhat rare treat, all of New England will be able to view next weekend’s total lunar eclipse. As long as the weather cooperates, that is. The full ‘wolf’ moon next weekend will slip through Earth’s...

TOWARDS the end of last year, China launched a major space mission to send a lunar lander to explore the far side of the moon, which is mostly unknown territory. This historic expedition that began on Dec 8 will probably help scientists to uncover more secrets about the moon.