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Crypto market experienced an intense sell-off as the Bitcoin price dropped below the $3,600 mark and major digital assets dropped by 10 to 15 percent.

Crypto whales are especially active this week amid substantial swings in the price of Bitcoin. Whale watchers spotted two massive transfers worth more than a half a billion dollars on Thursday, as 350,000 Ethereum (ETH) suddenly made its way to the US crypto exchange Bittrex. At the same time, 130,005 Bitcoin (BTC) left Bittrex and […]

Bitcoin and the crypto markets are now forming fresh trading ranges that could be highly profitable for risk tolerant traders who play them correctly.

Cryptocurrencies have enjoyed an otherwise generous range of titles from a financial and legal sense, for the United States specifically, it's as a security. But according to Mati Greenspan, who serves as eToro's senior market analyst, XRP shouldn't be regarded as among the securities. With that in mind, even with the level of exposure that Ripple & XRP have amongst crypto and blockchain receptive banks, it's reputation isn't at all helped by on overly truculent community that will not take no for an answer and doesn't take to criticism well. According to Greenspan, this is something that is seriously impacting on XRP's ability to get wider adoption from banks. While this is a pretty unfortunate diagnosis from the senior analyst, Greenspan did go on to clarify that his outlook on XRP remains 'bullish', especially with regards to its uses as a payment settlement system internationally, as well as for cross-border payments. During an online webinar over Friday, he argued that XRP has

From Bitcoin and crypto technical analysis gone mad, to the future of VeChain, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto. Crypto Markets A veteran technical trader who called Bitcoin and Ethereum’s big drop in 2018 says many crypto analysts on Twitter are predicting huge jumps in the price […]